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Key Stage One English & Maths

English & Maths are essential for proficiency and provide the skills necessary to fully engage in other subject areas. We have English & Maths ‘lessons’ every day. Here you can find my thoughts about the curriculum we are using for 2021/22 as well as activity suggestions to support learning.


This year we are using the free Christian-based, American homeschool curriculum, Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool for our daily English lessons. We are enjoying this literature-rich curriculum. B (6) is enrolled in Language Arts 1 and Reading 1, which is perfect for a reluctant writer yet avid reader like him. He has one short worksheet to do each day, which is linked to the poem of the day and the chapter of reading book he is currently on. He can easily see what is expected of him for that day, which reduces his anxiety about writing.

In maths, B is what others may refer to as a high-potential learner. I have opted for the Mathematics Enhancement Program which is again only one worksheet a day. Lesson plans are provided that suggest short movement breaks and games to play throughout a 45min session. He is enjoying the program and finding the mathematical concepts very easy to grasp.

You can find all the links and more about our other curriculum choices here.