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Key Stage Two English & Maths

English & Maths are essential for proficiency and provide the skills necessary to fully engage in other subject areas. We have English & Maths ‘lessons’ every day. Here you can find my thoughts about the curriculum we are using for 2021/22 as well as activity suggestions to support learning.


This year we are using the free Christian-based, American homeschool curriculum, Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool for our daily English lessons. We are enjoying this literature-rich curriculum. W (8) is enrolled in Language Arts 3 and Reading 3, he is enjoying developing his writing skills having written his first poem by the end of Week 1! I personally find that it offers a more comprehensive approach to literature and language analysis than the UK curriculum, which may hopefully better prepare him for secondary education (which is not that far away!).

W really struggles with maths, so we are using Oak National Academy videos & independent tasks as his main lessons. He can stop, start and rewind whenever and however much he needs to. I am also supplementing it with one or two questions a week from the MEP curriculum, just so that he can get used to a different question format as our secondary education path is still undecided, so I want to cover all of our bases!

You can find all the links and more about our other curriculum choices here.

Fun & Games

Here are some FREE online Maths games we’ve enjoyed playing to help develop our mental maths skills:

  • Prodigy – create your own wizard character and answer maths questions to cast spells
  • Freddie’s Adventure (Multiplication Game) – answer multiplication questions to win keys
  • Hit the Button – interactive mental maths games for number bonds, multiplication etc.