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Key Stage Two Humanities

Humanities subjects include History, Geography & Religious Studies. We cover two history, one geography, one religious studies and one local humanities topic each year, which ends up looking like this:

Year 3Year 4
1AStone Age to Iron AgeRoman Empire
1BAll Around The WorldThe UK – Cities & Regions
2AAncient Civilisation*Non-European Civilisation*
LKS2 Humanities Topic Choices

*Ancient Civilisations (choose one):
– Ancient Sumer
– The Indus Valley
– Ancient Egypt
– The Shang Dynasty

*Non-European Civilisations (choose one):
– Early Islamic Civilisation
– Benin Kingdom
– Mayan Civilisation

Term 3 is dedicated to the local humanities topic, the children will use their knowledge and inquiry skills from previous topics to think of their own inquiry question to research and answer about our local area.


We use a democratic education approach to Humanities topics, with Humanities ‘sessions’ taking place once or twice a week. I pick the topic for the term and introduce the topic during our first term, linking it to previous topics to build upon knowledge. We then discuss what we ‘need’ to know about the topic and what we would like to know as well as what we ‘need’ to do and what we would like to do during the course of the topic. I then use these discussions to form the basis of our weekly sessions and seek out resources (websites/books) to support self-directed learning opportunities.

You can find all the links and more about our other curriculum choices here.