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How We Homeschool – The Arts

Confession: I’m not the most creative or artistically gifted person in the world, which meant for years I actively avoided any art tasks that couldn’t be added to a science or humanities project I had planned. This year, I am taking on the daunting task of intentionally giving my children an art education (of sorts), every Friday morning. Today’s blog post will cover how our … Continue reading How We Homeschool – The Arts

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10 Reasons Not To Have A Child

You’re probably wondering why I’m giving you 10 reasons not to have a child. I have two. That’s exactly why I’m qualified to tell you 10 reasons NOT to have a child! Your bank account will thank you Child-free holidays Life is a series of never-ending questions They need constant entertaining You can be the cool aunt/uncle You need to feed them, everyday They’re not … Continue reading 10 Reasons Not To Have A Child

Bucket List: Summer 2020

I love writing lists. We ticked a few things off W’s ‘Starting School Bucket List’ back in 2017! After 3 years of home education, international nursery settings and flexischooling the boys will be attending a bilingual (Arabic/French) school from September! Coupled with nearly four months stuck inside as part of Morocco’s coronavirus lockdown measures. I thought a Summer 2020 bucket list would be a great … Continue reading Bucket List: Summer 2020