Event Edit: Big Fish Little Fish Hackney – Drum n Bass

The concept of a family-friendly rave has intrigued me for quite a while, the Little Londoners were ecstatic at the idea of ‘going out’ with me rather than the usual, yet rare, babysitter (read: abandonment) scenario. That’s where Big Fish Little Fish come in, their events promise top DJs and licensed bars for the ‘Big Fish’, as well as craft areas, play areas and face-painting … Continue reading Event Edit: Big Fish Little Fish Hackney – Drum n Bass

Bucket List: Into the Wild Summer Festival

So, this was an item I had added to the bucket list and then immediately regretted! I didn’t know how on earth I was going to manage two under 5s by myself for a whole weekend of camping. I didn’t even have any camping gear, so it was a quick stop at Decathlon for the basics (honestly, BASICs). I got a 3 person pop-up tent, … Continue reading Bucket List: Into the Wild Summer Festival

London Underground 

I recently shared a photograph of my children on the tube after a unpleasant experience which prompted me to ask the question “Was I wrong to ask for a seat for my children?”. I received a mix of responses, a few inferring neglectful parenting and assuming that I am somebody with an attitude problem raising self entitled, disrespectful children, too occupied with my own ‘first … Continue reading London Underground 

Foodie Friday: Rabot 1745

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Rabot 1745 has been on my radar for a number of years now, but I have never had the chance to sample the delights they have on offer. If you’re not familiar with Rabot 1745, it’s Hotel Chocolat’s restaurant that serves cacao-inspired cuisine in the midst of London’s Borough Market. In other words, a chocolate lovers’ dream. They do not have a … Continue reading Foodie Friday: Rabot 1745

Foodie Friday: Busaba Eathai

I was first introduced to Busaba Eathai during my teen years when it was just a restaurant on Wardour Street, it is now a recognisable chain of several restaurants throughout London and I was recently able to introduce the Little Londoners to the Shepherds Bush restaurant. We arrived at around 11.40am, although 20 minutes before the kitchen opened we were invited to find a table until … Continue reading Foodie Friday: Busaba Eathai

The Bucket List: Museum Challenge

As we continue to make our way through the list, we came to ‘The Museum Challenge’. Living in London we are fortunate enough to have three, free museums all within walking distance of each other, on our doorstep. Our challenge was to visit all three in one day! First up was the Science Museum, we arrived before doors opened at 10am after a quick visit … Continue reading The Bucket List: Museum Challenge

The Bucket List: Glamping at Cuckoo Down Farm, Devon

W will be starting school this year, I thought we could make the most of our time together before being beholden by term time for holidays and days out by writing out a bucket list of things he wants to do before starting school. The first item on our list was camping, in particular he wanted the experience of roasting marshmallows round a campfire. A … Continue reading The Bucket List: Glamping at Cuckoo Down Farm, Devon

KidZania – every child’s dream

We went, we had fun and we’ll be going back! W turned the big 4 and I decided a trip to KidZania was in order to celebrate. We went early to avoid the crowds, large groups of school children started arrive in  the afternoon which made it a bit more difficult to participate in activities. Arrival was an airport set up complete with boarding passes … Continue reading KidZania – every child’s dream

The Fantastic World of Dr Seuss

Discover Children’s Story Centre currently has a Dr Seuss Exhibition and it’s as amazing as it sounds! The exhibition experience and the storytelling session are included in the ticket price but you do need to book a space. We spaced our day out by visiting the exhibition first, we were read the first few pages of The Cat in the Hat and then encouraged to … Continue reading The Fantastic World of Dr Seuss