W Writes: Why Kids Should Speak More Than One Language

Dictated by W. Typed & edited by Mum.

I want to learn 5 languages, I can already speak English, French and I’ve just started learning Arabic. I’m asking for Spanish lessons for my 8th birthday. When we lived in London, I used to go to Chinese School every Saturday. I want to learn Mandarin again when I’m older. 

Why do I want to learn so many languages?

Because, I have a dream to travel around the world and be able to speak to everybody that I meet. If I can speak to them, I can help them and maybe they can help me. I can learn about their country, their culture and their lives. 

These are all my reasons for learning so many languages, but why do I think other kids should learn as well?

It’s important to be able to speak to lots of different people at different times of our lives. If I couldn’t speak French, I wouldn’t have many friends to play with here in Morocco. Lots of my friends in Morocco can already speak 3 languages – French, Arabic and English! 

Maybe you think it will be difficult to learn a new language. But if you keep practising, you will get better. When I first moved to Morocco I didn’t know any French or any Arabic. I didn’t understand anything anybody was saying. It made me feel sad, because I couldn’t make any friends. One day, I realised I could understand what everybody was saying in French. I could also speak it! I finally had friends and that made me very happy. 

Because of the coronavirus I couldn’t go to co-op to practice speaking French with my friends. So now I watch TV in French and Arabic and I play games in French with my brother. Sometimes I have phone calls in French and I play games on the computer or watch music videos on YouTube. These have all helped me to keep practising my languages. 

I think it is important to learn about other people. The best way to do that is if I can speak to them in their language. What language do you want to learn?

a young boy sits at a desk and waves hello to his online teacher
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