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Event Edit: Big Fish Little Fish Hackney – Drum n Bass

Paloma/ November 19, 2017/ London, Parenthood/ 0 comments

The concept of a family-friendly rave has intrigued me for quite a while, the Little Londoners were ecstatic at the idea of ‘going out’ with me rather than the usual, yet rare, babysitter (read: abandonment) scenario. That’s where Big Fish Little Fish come in, their events promise top DJs and licensed bars for the ‘Big Fish’, as well as craft

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Starting School: Schultüte 

Paloma/ September 8, 2017/ Education, Parenthood/ 1 comments

A Schultüte is a wonderful German tradition for the first day of school. My grandmother is German and so it’s a tradition that we are passing down and I intend to keep within our family. I remember receiving mine when I first started, so of course I had to make one for W (4) on his first day! For those of

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The Bucket List: Seaside Trip

Paloma/ August 1, 2017/ Activity Ideas, Parenthood, Travel/ 0 comments

We’ve had a couple of days wrapped up inside thanks to blocked noses and sore throats, so yesterday when we all woke up feeling marginally better a little spontaneity was in order. I decided to take the opportunity to surprise the boys with a trip to the seaside (also an item on the bucket list). I did a quick Google

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Foodie Friday: Rabot 1745

Paloma/ June 30, 2017/ London/ 0 comments

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Rabot 1745 has been on my radar for a number of years now, but I have never had the chance to sample the delights they have on offer. If you’re not familiar with Rabot 1745, it’s Hotel Chocolat’s restaurant that serves cacao-inspired cuisine in the midst of London’s Borough Market. In other words, a chocolate lovers’ dream.

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New Beginnings

Paloma/ June 12, 2017/ Parenthood/ 0 comments

When I left my ex and moved back to London, W was still an only child, we had a few more weeks left until B would join us. I took him to Greenwich Park, I wanted him to experience the park that had been a large part of my childhood. I took this photo of him as he embraced the

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